can you draw yourself while having sex with one of your prefer dragon ball charachter?

Only if you ask another DB hentai artist to do the same, and they have to be male. Then maaaaybe I’ll think about it.

Hey, it’s only fair.

Awesome stuff! Read an early post where you said you did some marvel and dc drawings. Where can I find some of your other work?

Thanks! The DC and Marvel art are on separate accounts. Some are sfw and others way more erotic. And I hate to say this but I just got to keep them separate from here for now. Believe me, they’re out there and I haven’t “hidden” them. I’m sure you’ve probably seen them floating around and probably didn’t even know it was mine. ;)

Does Girlgeta spit or swallow? Answer thoughtfully, there are children starving in 3rd world countries right now.

You’ll see….

The way I see things is this. Gt was announced as non-canon, so that's a thing. But what I do is I don't count the plot or storyline canon, I just count the transformation ssj4 canon. Cuz if it's non canon why not throw away all the shit in it and just keep what's good, right?

That’s pretty much my train of thought when it comes to canon in the DB universe. Since there’s no official canon (well maybe the manga is, really), I just take bits and pieces of GT I like and think it’s part of the story completely. 

SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta? Sex canon. Everything else? Never happened.

I have seen lots of old sketches you are uploading lately and i think all of them looks awesome and fun. So my ask would be... I would like to see them finish and all?

Depends on what you mean by “finished”. I sketch most pieces here digitally and keep them at that. So I don’t often ink or color them.

If you mean finished, as in completing a comic, then heck yeah I plan to finish them! ;)

alright, let's get out there once and for all just so people don't ask you this again in future: will you ever do a big comic, image or single page comic involving chichi and one of her sons? Do you have anything against drawing this sort of thing?

Heh, I actually very much like incest based hentai. Whether or not I do it here is on the fence.

surprised that you're a girl, it's mostly guys who draw hentai. why did you start drawing dragonball hentai? do you find it sexually stimulating when you draw it or something? (this is why a lot of males draw hentai) do tell, it's rare to see a female artist, let alone one who draws dragonball

Funny, because most of the women I know (who are also artists) tend to draw a lot of erotica. I don’t know the ratio of men and women who draw hentai but I can guess it’s probably mostly males. But I believe they’re more and more female artists out there (who are comfortable with their sexuality) like drawing out their fantasies. Like I do! :)

When I draw sexual oriented art, I’m so focused on the piece that often I’m not very “stimulated” by it at first. It actually happens before I start drawing and sometimes after. Sometimes it’s the idea of what I want to draw that excites me the most. But that’s because I’m so busy being focused on the drawing, making sure everything comes out just right.

I started drawing DB hentai because… well… I wanted to see certain characters doing the nasty. And very often I couldn’t find the right DB hentai online that had everything I wanted to see. So I started drawing it myself.

Smut is awesome! Dragon Ball smut is even more awesome! And more women should be drawing characters doing dirty things!

What are your thoughts on Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse so far?

To be honest, I haven’t been following very closely to Xenoverse. There hasn’t been a Dragon Ball game that really interested me in years, and I’ve played quite a few.

The character creation mode seems to be the main draw of the game. But the whole time travel bit is kind of trite at this point. I’m getting really tired of playing DB games that have you play through the story of the manga/anime over and over again. I’ve read it has “original story modes” but I’m a little skeptical on how original these stories might be.

As for the gameplay, I don’t know, I’m just waiting for a demo to give it a shot before I make any judgement on that. There’s one thing I’ll give Xenoverse is that it looks slightly better than the last batch of DB games Bandai Namco been throwing at us. I’ll give it a shot when it’s out.

You are Men or Woman?

Ima Gurl.


its ok vegeta everyone’s in love with bulma

I’m so close to just reblogging every Bulma and Vegeta drawing you’ve ever done.

Anonymous said to funsexydragonball:

i know you already have alot on your plate but if you ever get the chance can we get some of trunks and mai?

Here’s a concept sketch (of many) I’ve drawn for DB related comics. This one is based on an outline I’ve written for a short comic featuring Trunks and Mai. I’ll probably start it later once I get around to finishing the comics I’ve already posted here.

I was holding out on posting this one until much, much later. But I’ve been getting a lot of requests about these two recently. So I guess showing a little sneak peak for what I have planned for these two wouldn’t hurt!
Do you plan on making any more gohanxvidel smut in the future? I'm crossing my fingers that you say yes, because honestly this blog is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to my OTP ^u^

That’s a definite yes! I know there’s a bunch of incomplete comics here that I need to get around to finishing (even some I started but haven’t posted yet) but I’ll probably sprinkle some GohanxVidel stuff in between things.

I love you I love your art I love your obsession with rule 63 I love your smut I just can't express my love right now thank you so much <333 (feel honored, I never send hearts to ANYONE)

Thank you! Glad folks are loving my R63 obsession right now (and the smut too! Can’t forget that!) And I do feel honored receiving the hearts. :)

So long do you think it will be until someone draws porn of 63'd Red or Black?

Man, I really hope it’s soon!