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Bulma/Adult Gohan maybe?

Psst *slides you $50 bill* More adult Gohan and Videl please Like canon g/v yknow Please no gt Please yes romantic and sensual lovebirds Thank you in advaaaaaaaance *shuffles away*

Sorry, but the only currency I accept is zeni.

Wow! That GoChi piece was lovely :) Is it okay if anyone (including me) gives you another request involving them or anything else? :D


I’d love to read them! Maybe I can draw some when given the time.

I'm sure you've come across many OC's over the years that you've been drawing. I think I've seen one or two drawn by you as well. So, if you had to pick, who would your favorite OC be in Dragonball?

Hm, so far plagueofgripes's two original Saiyan women have been my favorite. But I haven't drawn much DB OC's. Strange, considering that I like seeing fun DB OC's from other artists (that aren't completely unoriginal, of course).

two things: first, yours is the only hentai - heck, the only PORN - blog I check daily in the hopes of an update (it's literally the first URL that pops up when I type "f"), and second, I can definitely see that your art, though it's always been amazing, is improving on a piece-by-piece basis, so yeah, you are totally deserving of all the unabashed praise being heaped your way!

Awwww, thanks! Is this really the only hentai blog you check for erotica? I have at least like five!

You inspire me to wanna draw DBZ again..even DB Hentai :P

Do eeeeeeettttttt!

I just have a question, I know you must be busy but I was curious since you are on the fanart side of things. Have you ever done or thought of doing fanfiction? and if not, have you read any that inspired your art?

I’ve written a few fanfics a loooooong time ago. It’s no longer up and I’ve lost the word docs since then. I used to read a lot of fanfics from authors like Tempestt who once specialized in writing long erotic Bulma and Vegeta fiction. But many of them have stopped writing (and unfortunately have taken down their stories, excluding Tempestt).

I haven’t read a story that directly inspired me to draw something based on it. I did read some juicy fanfics that fueled my desire to draw my own smutty fanart, though.

I stopped reading fan fiction about a couple of years ago. It was getting increasingly difficult (and time consuming) trying to find the ones I liked or at least were interesting. And these days, I’m not even sure I would have to the time to start looking again.

I’ll probably take a page from an artist I follow here on tumblr. She sometimes read peoples’ personal nsfw head canons about some of the DB characters. And every so often she’ll draw something based on that. I might do something similar and see how it goes.

I always cut myself when you don't post something.

You must be in ribbons by now. :(

You're doing the gods' work, friend. Thanks for the lovely smuts. <3

You’re very welcome, my friend! 

are ya dead

Not quite yet! I’ve been super busy recently and subconsciously took a break from DB art. With the recent string of cons, volunteer work, freelance work, personal work (both adult and not), and updating my portfolio with new pieces, etc. I had to put something on hold.

I’ll be getting back to posting art on the blog eventually. Just trying to keep my attention focused on a few other things first. :)

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well, since godel seems to be pretty common here, how about a gochi request? :D like, how about end-of-dbz/older gochi (where they&#8217;re both grandparents at this point), where there are at their bedroom going at it hard, missionary style and filled with blushing and moaning, something real romantic XD

This request&#8230; this goddamn request man&#8230; my heart is going to burst!
plz come to brazil

If Brazilian women are as beautiful as they say, I’m buying my one way ticket tonight!

Thanks for granting my wish! XD Can't wait to see how the boys react to her subtle proposition. And I hope your no-yaoi rule doesn't extend to them sharing a kiss or something. But if my constant love of Truten gets annoying, feel free to ignore me. :)

Marron’s proposition was as “subtle” as a sledge hammer to the face. XD But I’m happy you’re looking forward to more! 

Unfortunately, my “non-yaoi” rule does extend to them kissing. I don’t get a “rise” out of seeing guys make out with each other. I think it’s cute as all hell, but it’s not something I would like to draw, personally. Your love for GotenxTrunks isn’t annoying, believe me. Love the pairings you like, I know I do!

Jsut want to say. Good day to ya. I must say your art is beautiful, I'm glad I found your tumbler by accident. Great work & keep Dragon Ball alive your way. Peace!

Thanks! :D Glad I’m keeping DB alive, through smut! XD

That comment is excellent!

… I wish I knew which one.