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A 18 animation would be so dope!

Not the best, but god damnit, I’m trying!
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Would you like to make a contract?


Took me a moment to realize “v+g” meant “Videl and Gohan” and not “Vegeta and Goku”. 

…I’m slow.

Vegeta: - The fuck's a condom? from DBZ abridged right?


You are a great artist, it is nice to follow your work. Are you planning on showing more of 18?

Thanks for following! Every time I tell myself “I’m going to draw more sexy 18 fanart!”, I end up not doing it. I’m not entirely sure why, I used to be a huge Android 18 fan back in the day. I guess I never really got around to drawing more smut of her here.

I might dedicate a week or something to 18 (later this fall perhaps) to make up for the serious lack of fanart of her around here.

But until then, I’ll certainly post a few pieces of her when I can… which will be very soon!

You've never drawn a condom before haha

The fuck’s a condom?

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"By the way, by “comic” do you mean the previous piece with the desk sex?" Yeah, the desk sex one. Thanks for being so awesome about me bugging you c: If you do the Adult Gh/vi pic, I won’t request anything else ever again, I promise. C: I can’t freakin’ draw, but if I could, I would draw Gohan and Videl smutt until my hands hurt. I have a need I cANT SATISFY UGH

Won’t request anything ever again, huh? That’s a shame. :P

I didn’t realize until now how much Gohan and Videl kinda dominates this blog! And I’m pretty sure these two are the most requested as well. I don’t mind it, hell, I really love drawing them! It’s just something I find a little amusing, is all. 
I. Demand. Boobs. And porn!!!!!


Preggers Girlgeta? Holy shit...

I imagine the pregnancy for female Saiyans are similar to their oozaru transformations… except scarier… and it last for about eight months.

It'd be really cool if you'd open a submit box so people can submit smut to you if they want! Just my opinion you don't have to do it

Haven’t really thought about that. It would be interesting if folks sent in their own dirty (or fun) DB fan art, or just something they found interesting and wanted to share. I’m just afraid that I might be super picky and offend those whose submission I might decline. 

Love ur art!

Thank you!

Bah! I hate GT, but I love Marron.

So do you have a love/hate relationship with the current comic right now? ;)

I know your a girl and all and you don't actually have these but for drawing all this ever just blue ball the shit out of you?

Between me and my girlfriends, we usually call our “blue ball” experience being “pent-up”. 

So yeah, sometimes I get super pent-up after drawing.

I’ve always wanted to post a comic with these three! Glad I’m finally getting around to doing so! 

It’s short but I hope you guys will come to like it anyhow!

Fun Sexy, you're awesome. GT is so hated by many people for many reasons, but I'm sure some of us still appreciate GT as a nice complimentary side-story to the main story. It's just nice to see an artist such as yourself feels the same way, or so I'm guessing?

Thanks! I don’t hate GT, pretty sure I never have. I don’t love it as much much as DB or Z, of course. GT can be a hard sit through at times (and this is coming from a fan who has seen GT at least three times). I suppose it can be seen as a “side-story” to the main one, but the way I see it, it was more of a failed extension.

GT had some really fun and interesting ideas that was poorly executed but it does have some enjoyable moments. And I guess it helps if you don’t want to see it as “canon.”